Not getting presentment prices from Webhook

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Hello Team,

I am not able to get presentment prices from the return send by webhook for event product/create.

I mean if I am creating a webhook for event product/create then on creating a product from admin I am getting all other data related to product and variant but I am not getting presentment prices of variants.

On the other hand while using REST API to retrieve the same product I am able to get presentment prices of variants of that product by adding header 'X-Shopify-Api-Features': 'include-presentment-prices' in curl.

But I am not understanding that how to add 'X-Shopify-Api-Features': 'include-presentment-prices' while working with webhook. In the PHP file in which I am trying to get result I have added following code to get webhook result.

$webhookContent = "";
$fp = fopen('php://input', 'rb', false, $context);
$response = @stream_get_contents($fp);

But it is not giving me presentment prices of variants.

Please help me in getting it.

Thank you 

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @DeveloperRK,


Right now it's expected that product webhooks will fire with just the shop currency included. Since presentment prices can fluctuate, it's recommend to make a separate GET call to the product to retrieve the current presentment prices when you need them.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify
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Yes It is a work around we are using right now. And it is consuming one extra call. But we have to provide the support of presentment_price in product webhook. So till when we can expect an update on it.?