OAuth flow for React App with Node Backend (split) | Admin embedded App

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I currently have the following setup to try to authenticate an Admin Embedded Public App.

  • Frontend React app with latest version of App Bridge 2.0
  • Backend Node app using shopify-api-node

I'm struggling with the whole OAuth flow and trying different options since the documentation is not clear enough on how it should work.

What I have right now is:

App url points to a url in my frontend react app (frontend-domain/install), that page grabs all the query params (hmac, shop, timestamp, etc.) and redirects to a backend-domain/auth (which I've added to the list of callback urls) where the logic to validate the request happens and afterwards tries to redirect to frontend-domain/home. I do receive the install prompt and the app gets installed but then when I try to use app bridge in the frontend (everything is wrapped in a Provider component as the doc suggests) and then I get a `Cannot complete OAuth process. Could not find an OAuth cookie for shop url`.

I don't know what's wrong. I've found some post of people being able to have a frontend and backend separate domains and still make this work but the entire Shopify documentation and examples circle in a single app that does everything together.

Is the app setting for app url correct? Should I do a redirect or a GET request?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I've been stuck for weeks on this trying different approach.


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I'm looking to add to this, When I install the app via a heroku deployment, I get to the permissions step on install, however when the redirect occurs for the subscription part of the step, I get an internal server error that reads the following:

`Cannot complete OAuth process. Could not find an OAuth cookie for shop url` 


      async afterAuth(ctx) {
        ctx.cookies.set("shopOrigin", shop, {
          httpOnly: false,
          secure: true,
          sameSite: "none",

        // Access token and shop available in ctx.state.shopify
        const { shop, scope, accessToken } = ctx.state.shopify;
        ACTIVE_SHOPIFY_SHOPS[shop] = scope;

        const registration = await Shopify.Webhooks.Registry.register({
          path: "/webhooks",
          topic: "APP_UNINSTALLED",
          apiVersion: ApiVersion.October20,
          webhookHandler: (_topic, shop, _body) => {
            console.log("App uninstalled");
            delete ACTIVE_SHOPIFY_SHOPS[shop];

        if (registration.success) {
          console.log("Successfully registered webhook!");
        } else {
          console.log("Failed to register webhook", registration.result);
        // console.log(ctx);
        // Redirect to app with shop parameter upon auth
        const returnUrl = `https://${Shopify.Context.HOST_NAME}?shop=${shop}`;
        const subscriptionUrl = await getSubscriptionUrl(



This step works fine, however when I click Update unlisted sales channel, I get the Internal server error page, and checking the heroku logs shows the error as `Cannot complete OAuth process. Could not find an OAuth cookie for shop url` error.


This all works fine in local host, am I simply missing a step at deployment?