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I am testing an app in development on the Shopify mobile app, and having some issues getting up and running.


FWIW - rails 6 / react, latest shopify_app, latest iOS, latest shopify mobile, latest safari.


On desktop, I can access the app and OAuth flow works as one would expect.


When I test the same app on the mobile app, I get into a redirect loop, and eventually kicked back out to the shop apps listing view with a message saying my browser needs to allow third party cookies. When I tap into the app a second time, same thing - kicks be back out with the error. When I tap into the app for a third time, the shop session is set, but the user session is nil.


Safari iOS settings have "prevent cross-site tracking" disabled, and "block all cookies" disabled.


I've followed the setup guides and am running a basic / default version of ShopifyApp. The only scope configured now is "read_products" via config.scope = "read_products"


What am I missing here? This seems really broken, but since I am not seeing many folks with this issue - I believe I am missing something critical.


Thanks - Adam

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @releod,

Can you provide the shop_id the shop you have the app installed on? I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head, but I can try replicating and check to see if our logs have any useful information that will help troubleshoot.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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