OAuth problem only when Shopify Staff review my app

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Hi Community,


I come to you today because my app is on review to be displayed in public app store, and I just receive a problem to fix to continue submission. 


The problem append directly when the Shopify Staff tester want to access on the app where I am using 2oAuth. 

Here, you will find the only one info about the problem, saying but Shopify Staff : https://screenshot.click/17-26-67593-78353.webm

-> Problem seems to be invalid access scope, who is working in our side... 


- Of course, it's working fine for me and my team, I have try all possibility ( with create an exception on my DB for example ) and I can't make any bug, all seems working. 

- I can't have more infos and no access on Shopify staff side navigator ( I could be fin to know exact setup, navigator etc ).

- Access scope are right, and I am totally able to connect me on app in my side ( in private mode, in embedded app, I have try all without bug ).

- It's very urgent because we are trying all possibilities without success from 1 week ago.



Maybe Shopify staff have special way to test connexion ? 

Have someone had the same problem on submission ? 

Have you some idea of where problem can come from ? 


It's clearly life saving here, Thanks a lot in advance, 

I wish you a nice day,