Offer free shipping based on a cart line item property

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We are looking for the ability to offer free shipping on an order based on a property of a cart line item.


We are using the recurring invoices app that is allowing our customers to "subscribe" without it being an auto-billing feature. We are using this instead of ReCharge or others due to payment gateway issues and our product regulations.


We are looking for the ability to offer free shipping on any order that has a recurring item in it. The app does not offer this functionality by default, so we are looking to get creative. From what I know in talking with the app support, they are using the 'Draft Order API' to apply the "subscribe and save" discounts in the app.


The main issue we are running into is that the one-time and recurring purchases are using the same product. So the default shipping profiles or automatic discount features aren't providing many solutions to our problem. We are comfortable with using an API to add a "free shipping" option, just can't seem to locate where we would do something like that.


Thank you in advance for any and all assistance!!

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