OneTimeApplication charges failing to Accept by Merchants


Hey Shopifolk,


Over the past couple of weeks I've had multiple merchants informing me that they are having troubles accepting the "OneTimeApplicationCharge" in my apps.


The charge is being created correctly, and we redirect them to accept the charge on the Shopify hosted confirmation page. However when they click the "Approve charge" button on the Shopify page, it submits and then after a short time reloads the page. No error message or other indication that something has gone wrong is seen. This is the page I'm referring to:




I have had them test with multiple browsers and different devices, and they all do the same thing.


I can also confirm this in my logs, as we are seeing multiple "pending" application charges for each of these users.. they just never move to the "accepted" state when they click the "Approve charge" button. The users are the account owners, so it's not a permissions issue.


Here's an example charge that fails to move to the "accepted" state, I have 5 more for the same user:

 #<ShopifyAPI::ApplicationCharge:0x00005586c6f45090 @attributes={
"name"=>"Conversio - Dark / Email bundle",
"test"=>nil, "created_at"=>"2019-08-23T19:29:59+09:30",
}, @prefix_options={}, @persisted=true>

Note: I've redacted the domain and my api_client_id (OrderlyEmails app), but you should be able to lookup the charge via the charge id.


We are of course not able to debug issues on that Shopify page ourselves, and I am seeing a lower than normal conversion rate these past few weeks. As mentioned, this has been reported by a number of merchants and for every one that reports it, there is generally a lot more that just abandon the purchase.


Can someone please look into this?


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Hey Bjorn.


Something I've noticed about the charge by the ID you provided is that the last error on that charge was insufficient funds, and that shop is now closed. I wonder if we're just not making it clear to the merchant the reasoning for the failure. Do you have one or more IDs from within the past 12 days I can look at to help verify this?




Hey Alex,


Thanks for following up on this. That would make sense, I think it's a case of the error / decline reason not being shown to the users. This would also explain why it's unrelated to browser, time, or user permissions. I unfortunately don't have another example from within the last 12 days, but will be sure to let you know if one comes up.


Many thanks,




Bjorn Forsberg | FORSBERG+two | Award-winning Shopify Apps since 2011