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Hello there,


I'm trying to update taxes once the order is created via API  without success. I would appreciate if some one can tell me if this is feasible and if it is please point me in the right direction. I've tried to send:

- just the tax_lines

- tax_lines and  total_tax

- tax_lines, total_tax and total_tax_set


Always receive a 200 response but the taxes don't get updated.


I know that some order's attributes are not writable after an order is created but I don't see any documentation that specifies if the taxes are read-only when updating an order. 


Reference: https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/orders/order?api[version]=2020-04#update-2020-04


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @andisadiazsa ,


No, you can only use the Order Editing API for adding a new variant line item, adding a new custom line item, removing a line item, or adjusting line item quantities. You cannot use it to change the value of taxes calculated on the order. 


Taxes on the order will be calculated by Shopify based on the taxes settings you have set-up on your store's admin, or it will be calculated by a tax service you may be integrated with (e.g. Avalara AvaTax)


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@andisadiazsa I was curious if you found any solution to your original question. I know there is a Tax Services API that Shopify used to make available. It still exists and is probably how AvaTax makes their API calls and returns the tax rates into the cart. I am working on an app that does something similar and am hoping Shopify will allow this API to be accessed in my app. 

Did you find any other workaround?