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I have a question. I'm trying to count all the orders from my store, but for some reason, the maximum count I get is 14. I don't use any filters and if I am visiting my-store.myshopify.com/admin/api/#{api_version}/orders/count.json is showing the same value. It was supposed to display something like 20k what may be the problem?





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You can try adding status=any (default is open) query param to the URL you are hitting, it should return all orders, no matter of the state. If that's development store you should get the count you are expecting. If that's non-development store you should get the count for orders created for the last two months unless you have the read_all_orders scope set for your API key, which will allow you to get the count for all time.

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That 'status=any' was the problem. thanks it jumped on 17k instantly after refresh. Thanks! :)