Order Count and Order List does not give the same data when using parameters

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I use the API integration to display the order data from Shopify. What I want to achieve is pretty simple.

I want to display how many orders with specific parameters (financial_status is paid, and fulfillment_status is unfulfilled)

I am using the 2020-10 version, by the way.

Using "/admin/api/{{api_version}}/orders/count.json?financial_status=paid&fulfillment_status=unfulfilled&" I got the following response:

"count": 4
But, when I want to retrieve list of orders using "/orders.json?financial_status=paid&fulfillment_status=unfulfilled&" I got:
"orders": []
Anyone experience the same case? I simply want to display the order with payment status PAID and fulfillment status UNFULFILLED, but it does not work.
Any ideas?