Order Editing API - Missing Edited_At Timestamp

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Hi there,


With Shopify's order editing feature, merchants can now edit their orders and while the "order/updated" webhook is fired, the API itself seems to lack the "Edited_At" timestamp.


Shopify's own analytics reports however seem to be using the "Edited_At" timestamp for the updates for the order. 


Let me elaborate with an example -


Order Placed on May 18 (Qty Sold 1), Order Updated on May 24 (Qty Sold 1+3 = 4) and May 25 (Qty Sold 4 + 1 = 5). Shopify's Analytics Reports would shows sales of 1,3 and 1 = 5 on May 18, May 24 and May 25 respectively. However, there seems to be no way to get this data in the API.


The "Updated_At" can not be an alternative because that is changed even without the order being edited due to other factors. 


Please let me know if something is unclear.


Because Shopify Analytics reports seem to be using the "Edited_At" timestamp, I am wondering if there is a way to access it so that even apps can be in sync with the way Shopify reports.


It seems to be query from other developers as well (comments under - https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/shopify-order-editing


Thank you for looking into this. Really appreciate it! :)


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Thanks for the feedback @KBetterReports. We're working on a feature to expose a historical view of order changes via the API.

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Good to hear something is coming.

I wanted to point out that it's also critical for accounting integrations.

Past accounting records cannot be changed and new records should be created that reflects the edits made to the order, as of the edit's date.

Looking forward to the updates in the API. Please make it available in the REST api and webhooks as well.


Additional feedback:

When a quantity is decreased, it looks like a new refund is added to the order. That works well, because the refund gets has its own created_at field, which is assigned the date of the edit.

When a quantity is increased, however, it looks like the existing line item quantity is simply increased, which is problematic because line item don't have a created_at field. It might be cleaner to add a brand new line item. Then it would be a matter of adding a created_at field to the line item object.


I'm sure the smart folks at Shopify have thought about all of that but it would be great to get an idea of how the final API will be reflecting order edits.



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@KBetterReports thanks for bringing that up! We have experienced the exact same issue and merchants are asking why the numbers are not matching the Shopify reports. 
@scottydont we are looking forward to the update :)