Order fulfillment API issue with Post method.

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Hi, I am trying to make API call to process the fulfillment in order to assign tracking number for orders of cocomatsnmore.com store. However, I am not able to do and getting response in API call which says : {"errors":"Not Found"}. I am using this end point and json payload using post method to process the order fulfillments.

End point: https://18285fd1697a746a398dc6f06876868:686979hgjgkjhkhkhkhkhkhkhkh@cocomatsnmore.myshopify.com/admin/api/2020-07/orders/{orderid}/fulfillments.json

Method: Post

Json Payload: {"fulfillment":{"location_id":9008218230,"tracking_company":"FedEx","tracking_numbers":["395977373020"],"line_items":[{"id":5760995491994}]}}

Could you please help me out?

Additionally, I just wanted to let you know that same API end point was working before. But, it has stopped working for post API request and still working for get API request.

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That error specifically means either the location ID or the line item ID is incorrect. I would recommend double-checking those values you are providing. Odds are one/both aren't correct.