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Recently we started to work on subscribing to order webhooks topics.

As we worked on it we could not find any reference which describe if orders/updated topic

contains the following topics as well: orders/fulfilled, orders/paid, orders/partially_fulfilled?



What happened when the order financial status change to paid? Is that trigger both the

orders/updated and the orders/paid webhooks or only one of them?





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Hey Ran, 

If an order is marked as paid, I would expect it to trigger an update webhook yes - orders/paid would be triggered too. The purpose of orders/paid is more to be able to keep tabs on the payment status without having to listen to all of the other updates too. 

I would expect anything that touched the updated_at timestamp on the order to trigger a webhook, but if there's any other specific scenarios you wanted to check up on I'd recommend testing them out. 

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Hello Josh,


Thanks a lot for your reply.


In the 'order updated' Webhook data, is there a field value that could help me determine what is the update about ?

I'm trying to filter updates to keep only those relative to the shipping address.


Kind regads,