Orders API Closed_At_Min query option

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I'm working on an app to export a client's Shopify orders from the Shopify API and then import them into their brick and mortar store's database to allow the client to maintain consistent inventory and sales records. In order to insure inventory remains as accurate as possible, that means I need to export closed (or I guess we could go with fulfilled) orders. The problem I'm running into:

  • I can get a count of orders with a query parameter of &closed_at_min={requestedDate}, but according to the API documentation I can't GET the actual orders with the same parameter.

I went ahead and tried a GET with a route/query string of 'orders.json?status=closed&closed_at_min={requestedDate}', and it does return results, but based on the closed dates I'm seeing, it looks like the response is just ignoring the closed_at parameter and giving me results anyway.

Could someone on the Shopify team clarify if what I'm interpreting is accurate, and if so, point me in the direction of making this a feature request? I'm not seeing any equivalent options via GraphQL, so that's out (also makes less sense for the relatively flat data I'm pulling, so I'd just as soon have it via REST).