Orders stopped being updated with tracking updates/fulfillment events

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We have been fulfilling Orders via the REST API (using the Shopify Python library) by creating a `Fulfillment` with a DHL tracking number and `DHL Express` as a tracking company and typically, the Orders would become fulfilled and would later be updated with fulfillment events/tracking updates (like out for delivery, delivered etc).

Unfortunately, since around November 25th the Orders fulfilled like this stopped receiving such fulfillment events/tracking updates, meaning they are still marked as fulfilled, have the correct Tracking Number and Company (plus the Shopify-generated link to the DHL tracking page) but do not get the tracking updates.

We have reviewed any changes that might have caused this problem on our side but didn't find anything that would explain it, so was there any change on Shopify's side that can indeed explain this? Or maybe a bug?

Here are two example order names:

- #19096-I - one of the Orders created before November 25th, has a Tracking Number, Company and Tracking updates (ie. the json field `shipment_status` is `delivered` and /admin/orders/3084509249730/fulfillments/2890196025538/events.json shows many fulfillment events).

- #143087-A - one of the Orders created after November 25th, has a Tracking Number and Company but no Tracking updates (ie. the json field `shipment_status` is `null` and /admin/orders/2640599842876/fulfillments/2435810197564/events.json is empty).

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I am also having the same issue, also with DHL (DHL GLOBAL EXPEDITED). Does anyone know a solution?