Override products without using the "Handle".

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Hi there,

I'm looking for another way to override products using a different value than the handle (e.g. SKU)?
If there are any other ways to get the same results I will be very glad to do so, but I think there are just not many ways around it.

To give you some context, I use a scraping tool to extract product information from websites and automatically import it to my Shopify store.

Since this website provides the information in English, and my store is in Dutch, I translated every single product title (and therefore handle) to Dutch.

For me to synchronize the availability of the products from the website to my own store without using an API connection, I'll extract a value from the website that indicates the availability (In Stock, Out Of Stock) and convert it to a value that Shopify will recognize (Active, Draft).

But, since I have changed all titles (handles), I need another value in order to override my product availability.

I really hope anyone has had any experience with this and found a solution of some kind.