POS cart app extension bugs after the all-new POS upgrade

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add_variant worked before the app upgrade. Now it doesn't get the correct variant and shows "Discounted Shopify hoodie". When the action list contains other action types (flat_discount or percent_discount), the "Free products" button is not clickable.

Also, clearing the discount didn't fire revert_action? I only receive the call when I cleared the cart.


Anyone has similar experience or can someone from Shopify help on this? I understand that the upgrade is new and can be buggy.




  router.post('/api/promotions', async(ctx) => {
    const resp = {
      "type": "simple_action_list",
      "points_label": "Points balance",
      "points_balance": "23867",
      "actions": [
          "type": "add_variant",
          "title": "Add variant A",
          "description": "cool meadow variant A",
          "action_id": "VARI1",
          "value": "39356804595843"
          "type": "add_variant",
          "title": "Add variant B",
          "description": "cool meadow variant B",
          "action_id": "VARI2",
          "value": "39356804628611"
    ctx.body = JSON.stringify(resp);




Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @Michael124,

Thanks for reporting this. Our developers are currently investigating, I'll post back here soon as we have an update for you.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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