Page_info api syntax return 400 bad request

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Hey Guys, 

Since yesterday, this API call (page_info) stopped working for us and it returns 400 bad request error, 

Were using 2020-01 Api version.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you


Moshe Lugasi
Shopify Partner
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The page_info value you provided doesn't look like the long string that usually identifies the next cursor-based page reference. You wouldn't pass this as a query parameter in the first page pull. You would only read the value that the first page responds with. Then use that value as a query parameter for the next page pull. See for details. 

Also, you wouldn't have query parameters such as status filters in anything but the first page pull. Subsequent page pulls wouldn't need them, since they are just paging through the result set that's already been built. Paging through them based on the the page_info query parameter that you supply.