Pagination and ProductVariants count is inconsistent

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Hi guys I have an App that loads all the products of my clients into the database and does stuff with it. So when the app is installed first I am fetching the products variants count using this API call 


after that, I am starting to fetch all the products from the shop using pagination first call uses 


 And from that point, I am getting responses with 250 products and header that holds something like this 'Link': '<>; rel="next"' now this value is the cursor for the next 250 products and mostly it works fine but in some cases, I am getting this value empty although from what I got from variants count I should get more, Here is an example I have a client with 1730522 product variants so I am starting to load his products I am counting all the product variants he has and around 1M instead of getting next page I am getting empty value for that header. So my question is what am I doing wrong why can't I load all the products?

(Note I tried to use


instead but it gives me the same amount)

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@yg19 are you able to provide an example link that has an empty 'next' value?