Parameters used in the "Analytics Sales over time Report Dashboard" (timezone, order Status, etc)

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to create an order query using the /orders.json endpoint that gets exactly the same values showed in "Sales over time" Report on the Shop Dashboard.

Using orders status = "any" and the correct Timezone, for many specific days (considering a 24h entire cycle) I can get exactly the same values showed in this Shopify Analytics report. But when I try a full month (day 01 to the last day of a month)  I've been getting different results from that shown in the Sales over time Shopify page.

I am thinking that this problem can be related to some different status parameters I used: "any" for order status and I am not using "financial_status". I changed these parameters a little bit but couldn't find the best configuration in order to get the exactly same values showed in Sales over time report.

Thanks for any help you can share with me! Cheers!