Parity between GQL and Rest

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I am always amused when I see I can do something with Rest API that I cannot do with GQL and vice versa.

It would be super if a Shopifier with chops could sit down, and create a living document that details the differences between the two so we do not have to constantly flit back and forth like drunken sailors trying to figure out how to do one thing or another. Plus, clarity! Usability!

Can I outline examples? Sure. Why not. As an example, at this moment if I want the risk assessment on an order, I have to call the Rest API endpoint risks.json with an order to get that. But it is not an endpoint in GQL. So what is a poor GQL'er to do? Write a Rest call?

As this document evolves, we could be presented with things that will change, and things that will not perhaps? So we either do or do not get our hopes up.

Surely one of those hundreds of newbie Shopifiers added to the flock would love a slightly challenging job like this? Please!



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