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Just wondering if there is any plans to create a partner dashboard api for app developers to use. When you have multiple apps developed it's hard to manage as we have to jump around to different apps to see various things.


There is a bunch of things that could be extremely useful to be more productive, and get better insight on our apps.

In no particular order this is my current wish list, and reasoning.

  1.  API to access to create apps - Everytime we start a new app, need to create 3 apps for dev/staging/prod. (automation would be very handy)
  2. API access to current merchants - People may want this data regularly, this is the source of truth.
  3. API access to earnings - Good to get earnings data for consolidated dashboards from business perspective.
  4. API access to app history - This seems to be the only place where the comment goes for why someone uninstalled our app. Would be good to get this data to see trends and get feedback.
  5. API access to metrics - People might want to create consolidated dashboards with other apps to see performance.


Something that could be a quick win for #4 could be to include the message in the uninstall webhook.


Would love some feedback on the above, am happy to provide more information etc.


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Hey @Doug_Macqueen , 


This is actually something I've personally created a request for. It's not on the roadmap at the moment or something being actively worked on, but it's certainly not out of the question either. I would be curious to see the demand for such a thing as I've only seen this requested one time otherwise, so let's see if this post gains any traction! 

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I'd like to second the Partner API. I'm mostly interested in the "API Health Report" at this time for additional automated monitoring.

Some context: With the change to giving Custom apps more abilities than Private apps, it seems the only sensible approach for Merchants is to have their own Partner account. With several clients, that means needing to login to various client Partner accounts to check on the app. See here for a small discussion on that:

It would be nice to have API access to these other Partner accounts so that we can integrate monitoring checks for things like the API Health Report. I imagine the Partner account would need its own Oauth2 apps/integration management layer so that a Merchant (that owns the Partner account) can revoke our Partner monitoring API integration.

Possible longer term solution would be a "parent Partner account" with access to other Partner accounts. That would be similar to how Google Ads has the MCC/Management type account (and API access) that can access client Google Ads accounts or other MCC/Management type accounts, and those client accounts can have more than one MCC/Management account with access as well. Then Google Partners service tracks various metrics according to the MCC/Management account for granting access to one of their certified Google Partners tiers.