Partners API, get Payout and Campaigns data

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Hi guys,

We are an affiliate organization that promotes Shopify using the referral link.

We don't own shops nor apps in the Shopify system.


I'm working on extracting data using Partner's API related to our performance and struggling to do so.

Using this documentation

I sent the following query using GraphQL

transactions (
createdAtMin: "2020-10-01T00:00:00Z",
createdAtMax: "2021-10-31T23:59:59Z"
) {
  edges {
    node {

And received information only about one transaction out of many ( the only one that was paid) with Transaction_id and Created_At.

I'm trying to extract more extended information which is found in the Shopify Dashboard. 

For example,

The most important is data related to Top Campaigns (Conversion data for all campaigns)


I would like to get Campaigns - Clicks - Trails, etc. ( This data is received by mail when I ask to export it )


As far as I can understand, 

The Admin endpoint is for existing shops, which we don't use or need.


Based on the following documentation:

Link: "<https://{shop}{version}/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}>


I would be gladful to get a better understanding of how Partners API works and what is the best way to receive more expanded information such as campaign tokens, payout, etc.


Thank you.