Payment Provider requires Fulfillment information

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Hi all,


I have an interesting question regarding Payments. A company has asked us to rebuild their Payment systems which is using the Hosted Payment SDK of Shopify.


They also have a couple of payment methods where you can pay later for your products (klarna, afterpay, etc).

In order to integrate these payment methods we also need to obtain the Fulfillment information.


As far as I know this is only possible with the Admin API / a webhook. In order to use these mechanics the merchant will have to install a small app on their store which will install the webhook. So we will receive the fulfillment information and we can finalize the payment.

Mainly we want to forward the webhook requests to the PSP so they can handle off the payment.


It is not 100% clear to me if an app with this purpose is allowed in the app store.


So in short, would an app like this be accepted in the Shopify App Store? Since it will involve 'finalizing a payment'.



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