Per User Authentication

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Anyone have some clear-cut use cases for this. The Shopify App is a little skinny on the why,how,what aspects of this. 

I have an App, and the Shop Admin usually installs it. If the Shop Admin access the App, all works. If I detect a Full User or Limited User however, I stop right there. I allow the Shop Admin to lower security to Full User or Limited User, but that is all Shopify allows me to do. 

Wondering what I can do with this Per User Authentication. And when will Shopify expose Users in general to Apps. Seems really silly to limit that to Plus users, an arbitrary and not exactly value added limit. All Apps should be able to audit who is using the App and perhaps allow granular access based on that.

Anyway, any discussion on this subject most welcome.

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We also have a need to support user logins with different authorization levels in one of our Apps (BookThatApp). Our use case is around market place requirements - e.g. some users are only allowed to play with a subset of products and can only view bookings that include their products.

Since there is effectively no way to integrate with Shopify users because of the Plus restriction we've had to build it out separately.

In this case the App is not embedded since we want to support multiple ecommerce platforms.

In an ideal world, we'd be able to piggyback off the users already set up in the store, allowing them to seamlessly log in to our App. Kind of like multipass, but in the other direction.





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I still cannot fathom the reasoning behind locking up the Users exclusive to Plus. Not one has merchant has ever broached the subject ever. It is as if that endpoint exists for the sake of some marketing department slides left over from a meeting a few years ago no one remembers. 

If it was so useful, share with us the beauty Shopify! As it stands, like you Gavin, I've had to hack on a solution that works but remains superficial and low fruit-ish. At least I made the customers happy.

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Hi guys!


I have a similar problem. I would like to do custom calls to my embedded app for a certain user.


Are there any updates for this?

How exactly did you guys work around this problem?


Please let me know!