Polaris Filters

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Does anyone have any working code for using the Textfield to filter? Using Polaris, say I have 200 products server side. I dump 50 out to a resource list with paging. So the merchant can now search for an item. Say a product has "banana" in the title. I want to just show the banana product.

Ideal solution for searching all 200 products for any with "banana" in the title and displaying those? While I have paging and cursors all set, this concept of now adding in filters, and having it work in conjunction with large datasets (possibly) does not seem very easy.

I get it that Polaris is a simpleton resource offering without bells and whistles, so I am keen to see how others have solved this using Polaris components. Anyone?

All of a sudden the whole resource list is subject to every keystroke someone types in. That seems like a recipe for disaster. What do people do with these components and filters?


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