Polaris Resource List - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here!

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So I maxed out these components for my needs and they are super not working out. My use case is simple. I have to render a small list of items, Shopify products and provide a checkmark for each one. A checked off product is added to the system!


OK. So I tried the basics and have a list rendering. As for what to do with checked off items, that remains mysterious. I can choose to remove them, but the client is more inclined to want to keep them around, but unselectable since they are selected. OK. Re-render with unselectable? Nope.


How about that Pagination. We have ~ 200 items. Supposed to show 50 at a time. Paginate back and forth. Not a big deal, but it sucks with GraphQL. hasNextPage, after cursor, hasPrevPage, before cursor, what a mess. OK.


So I went with Infinite Scrolling. And after I got that all set, I realized it did not work UX wise, and the ResourceList renders every new infinite list in a big screen flash of pain.


So I am asking if anyone out there has ever developed a Shopify App with a nice List component in React that slots in nicely with Polaris, is fully featured with selectable item options, and has an infinite scroll. I really don't want to roll my own.


Any hot tips out there? This Polaris component has been languishing forever without much attention, so I think it is wise for me to walk away, abandon it, and try other things.



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