Possibilities with POS SDK

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I have tried for close to a month to get Shopify to answer this but alas they don't like me :(, so I'll try here:


I have a client who uses the POS but ships most of their orders even when placing orders in person. They have an issue where they can't add a shipping method to an order with the POS. They can add a shipping address but no shipping method. This creates issues in the fulfillment process such as customers not receiving shipping emails and their drop shipper not knowing what shipping provider to use. In the end this creates a ton of manual work for my client.  

With the new POS SDK would it be possible to have an app that would add a shipping method to an order before it is created?

I thought about using a webhook to update the shipping method but updating that data with a PUT request is not allowed by the API.

I'd like to gtet a quick yes/no before spending the resources developing this. 



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