Possible sources of access to my app

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I'm developing my first public app for shopify store.

During the listing process of my app I got a refusal due to not automatically installing the app as the user's first action.

I identified that there are basically 3 ways to access my app

  • 1. Clicking the add app button on the Shopify Store
  • 2. After installation, access the app from the page of apps installed in the store.
  • 3. Installation started by my personal website.

I didn't find anything in the documentation that describes how the links in items 1 and 2 above are built.

I know that in the first case I get the parameter shop in the query

However, I use the same route to receive the installation callback. What I need is to differentiate where the user came from for my app to give the proper treatment

in addition, my app was developed to ask for username and password but reading the requirements for listing the app I realized that the signin needs to be automatic.

So I need to know if the user is accessing my app from the page of apps installed on shopify (so I will generate a JWT token and allow access to the dashboard) or if the user is accessing the app from my website (so the user will need to sign in via the form)

Is there any documentation on Shopify links?

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Hey @mlacerda 


Consider having a different URL for the callback (and don't forget to whitelist).