Possible to bypass google reCaptcha for specific page only?

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I have two brick-and-mortar stores as part of my shopify store, and am trying to get newsletter signups via a tablet that is displayed at each location. The tablet is open to a page containing the newsletter signup box, but when an email is entered Google's Captcha pops up and forces us to confirm they aren't a human. Given that these folks are standing inside our store using the tablet, they are clearly not machines, and often this process results in the customer leaving without finishing the captcha. I would like to have this google Captcha form bypassed for the sake of in-person newsletter signups. However, I don't want to completely turn-off this Captcha because otherwise, we receive a ton of spam on our product pages. So, is it possible to circumvent the google captcha for a specific, chosen, website page or entry box? Or, perhaps to white-list the ISPs of the tablets so that they themselves circumvent the google captcha?

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You could use Shop Protector app for this. 

There are 2 products, broken up by plan type, for SP (Shop Protector). SP Basic focuses on form spam and fake account creation. 

SP+ has this functionality too but adds the ability to configure rules to protect against bot-based checkouts, customize risk analysis settings, how to handle auto-cancellation, bulk cancellations, and much more coming soon!