Potential bug with Fulfillment Services

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I'm building custom Fulfillment Service which will dictate the stock levels of certain products and it seems good so far. I have created the Fulfillment Service through the API and i have the '/fetch_stock.json' endpoint and it works.

The stock levels of the products are changed accordingly and they can't be changed by admin manually on inventory pages and on product variant page - inventory level inputs are disabled and that's expected behavior. BUT i can still change inventory levels on product page where all variants are listed:

Screenshot from 2021-07-02 12-42-31.png

I was hoping that backend validation would prevent updating the inventory levels but it didn't and it saved the new values i entered. I was hoping that after save Shopify will fetch again the stock level from my app but it didn't. Now i have discrepancy between stock in shop and stock in my app.

It seems to me that this is a bug because inventory level inputs are disabled everywhere else but here. Am i right? Who should i reach for to resolve it if that is the case?