Price rules without code?

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Hi Shopify,


in the current admin APIs (GraphQL and Rest) there is a one to one connection between price rules and discount codes.
What is the reason for this? It would be great if multiple could be defined that would be cumulative (or even better where you could set if they are AND or OR)


The use case would be to have two rules. One with the allocationMethod EACH to define rebates on the product level.
The second one would be with allocationMethodACROSS i.e. for some customers that get an extra total rebate.

Is that realistic that this could be implemented?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Gerwin,


Unfortuntely at this time, it's only possible to associate one PriceRule to each DiscountCode.


That being said, I'll pass along your feedback to our development team, and will encourage you to keep an eye on our API Changelog for future updates about changes to the Discounts API.