PriceRules and Draft Orders are both frustrating

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It's super-frustrating that I can create a draft order for a specific customer (by ID) but the resulting URL is a generic check-out form.

1. They can change any of the info (e-mail, address, etc.)

2. It does not require them to log in

What's the point of this? I want to create a cart for a specific customer and not a generic URL that anyone can take advantage of.

I also looked at PriceRules and that API is clunky. You have to create price rules and then also create discount codes. I appreciate that there are some good parameters in there (such as limiting the customer by ID and applying it to certain products) but "price rule" is a misleading name. You don't set a price, you set a discount. I assume the discount is based on the current product price but I wanted it based on the compare-at price, in the event that the product is on sale and I don't want to apply two discounts.