Private apps and integration of ERP

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We are connecting our ERP system (Weclapp) to Shopify and we are having issues with the API connection.

For the integration of Shopify, Weclapp offers an integration wizard that tells us which scopes to activate in the Private apps from Shopify.

In case that the integration is missing a scope from the API, the Wizard shows this error message. After everything is set, the wizard takes the user into the configuration of the integration.



So far, even though we have set everything according to what Weclapp requires and suggests, we have not yet succeeded in automatically synchronizing sales orders and stock (inventory in Shopify). Our goal is to centralize our processes on Weclapp, therefore we require that sales orders get transferred to Weclapp and the stock gets updated from Weclapp back to Shopify, automatically.

We can say for a fact, that there is actually communication between Weclapp and our online shop, in terms of changes in product descriptions. These could be successfully updated, however, we need assistance for synchronizing sales orders and stock.

Thank you very much!



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Any chance you can Google Translate the error messages to English?