Problem with endless redirects when installing apps on new development stores

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I have an app that is in development.  This app is installed on an existing development store and works fine.  If I create a new development store, and try to add the app, it will install, but get stuck in a redirect loop when it tries to navigate to the app's ui.  As part of the redirect loop, there is a screen that says:

Enable Cookies

You must manually enable cookies in this browser to use this app within shopify

This happens in Chrome, Firefox and safari.

If I enable "Allow all cookies" in chrome then everything works fine.  Should apps work if the browser setting is set to "Block 3rd party cookies"?  If this is a requirement why does it work fine in my original development store?

I have read that this can happen if you don't have your session configured correctly.  As per the sample apps mine is configured like:

server.use(session({ sameSite: 'none', secure: true }, server));

If you want to see this behaviour, you can see the same thing with the provided graphiql app that shopify app provides.

If you use this url to install the graphiql app into an older store, it will work.  If you create a new development store, it will get stuck in a redirect loop.  Has something change with new stores?