Problem with fulfillment_order_notification callback with php

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sry for my english..

I have developed an app where I create automatically a fulfillmentService.

In the JSON object of the fulfillmentService under "callback_url" I set this url "apps/{appname}/fulfillment.php?action="

After creating products etc. I receive a request with this parameter for each product, "apps/{appname}/fulfillment.php?action=/fetch_stock.json&sku=123" as a callback from shopify to update the stock, this work without problems!

Then i receive a order.

I go to the admin panel  in the new order and there I press the button "Inquire Fulfillment" and get a callback post request "apps/{appname}/fulfillment.php/fulfillment_order_notification" from shopify without my "?action=".

So i can't recive this post to send the order information to my supplier..

Is this a bug or can I change somewhere this callback for "fulfillment_order_notification"?

Callback stock: "apps/{appname}/fulfillment.php?action=/fetch_stock.json&sku=123" works!

Callback fulfillment_order: "apps/{appname}/fulfillment.php/fulfillment_order_notification" NOT works because missing ?action=