Problems when migrating shop to Firebase hosting

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We are creating a JAMStack app that uses the Storefront API.
We would like to host this app on Firebase Hosting.
So far all is going well, and our app is ready for production at

But now, we are having difficulties to change the DNS records to smoothly redirect the domain bought on Shopify (
According to Firebase documentation you can find here, there is two ways to do so :

1. The recommended way :
    - Add a TXT record with host: _acme-challenge.<domain_name>, and generated value
    - Wait for certificate.
    - Finally add A records to DNS
We followed these instructions and get stuck at 2) Wait for certificate, we have been waiting more than 24 hours, but Firebase is still waiting for DNS records propagation (I think ?).

2. The old way :
    - Add a static generated file at public URL /.well-known/acme-challenge/<file_name>. Could not easily be done with Shopify routing system, so I just 1) uploaded the file via Admin section, 2) made the CDN file URL redirected to /.well-known/acme-challenge/<file_name> URL.
    - Wait for certificate
    - Finally add A records to DNS
But it does not work and file URL redirection ends up in 404, probably because of how Shopify routing is working.

So we have currently no solution, and it's a little frustrating considering the work that have been made.

Any advice is very welcome