Product (API version: 2020-10): Response header value "Link" is empty

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I'm trying to get all products of my Shopify store via API.
I understand that there's a limit of 250 products for each page and I have to use a paginated request to get all products (as described here).

Therefore I have to get the "Link:" attribute from the response header and use it to go to the next page.
Although, this attribute is empty in my response header, it just says: 
Link: ; rel="next"

My request URL is:

I'm using PHP with cURL and everything except this empty "Link:" attribute is completely fine.
Really strange is that I'm getting the value for "Link:" in my Postman request, but in the cURL it's empty.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Okay, that was kinda dumb. The "Link" value is actually there, although web browsers hide content which is in angel brackets like "<>".
If I check the source code, it's there.