Product, Variant and Inventory API - Updating properties

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I created a PHP Lumen app to sync an ERP System with a Shopify Store. In order to sync the product inventory using the new Inventory API, I created a new controller so I can update the inventory separately from the product and it's variants.


I also removed the "inventory_quantity" property from the product's variant entity on the product update function (that uses the Product's API PUT request).


After that, when I try to update products from the ERP to Shopify it turns the inventory of all variants to 0 and every variant property that is no declared. Isn't the "inventory_quantity" supposed to be a read-only property from now on?


Also, I want to update only the "price" or the "compare_at_price" field in variants without deleting the other variant properties (SKU, etc.), is it possible?


Thank you in advance!




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