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I can not figure out where the product availability is stored at?



I have to manually click each product and click "manage" (shown on screenshot above) and click each sales channel and click save. By default every single product is not checked.


I need a way from the API to enable all these sales channels by default after a product is created. There has to be an easier way.... does not show anything related to enabling sales channels and making them available.

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I'm assuming you're using GraphQL, which means that the product will not be published to any channels upon creation (I believe you can still use published: true for the product to initialize as published to the online store, but this is technically deprecated.


Alternatively, I believe if you create products via REST, it initializes as published to the online store. You cannot programatically control publications via the API, but you can use the bulk editor in the admin to mass publish to any number of channels as the merchant.


Hope that helps.



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I'm using the REST API to create all our products. We only got two / three sales channels ( buy from the webshop,  on instragram or eventually from facebook). All products should be available on all sales channels.


Is there any way to make all products available on all sales channels pr default? We have multiple stores with the same products (as we have different prices depending on the currency), so going through all products afterwards setting this up seems like a whole lot of extra unnecessary work..


When I create a product directly on admin site, it will default to be available on all channels.


Hope you guys have a solution, a fix or a hack to help me by :)