Products not visible on the "Store Channel" are considered "Not Published"

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I have come across the following behavior:

  • Using the Products API - getting only published products with "publish_status=published" filter
  • Products which are not visible to the "Store" channel but are visible to the "Buy Button" do no appear in the results.

When the account had only the "basic" plan without a store - they did appear, after upgrade and with the addition of the store channel they no longer appear.

Expected behavior is that if an item is visible to any of the available sales channels it would be considerd published. Otherwise, the API should allow filtering according to publishe status on specific channels.

This is somewhat related to this but I consider this a bug and not a missing feature.




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Hi Yoad,

Did you get anything on this. It seems the problem with API endpoint. I too faced similar issues. One of my product is only on POS sales channel but it is on the response of the API call with 'published_status=published' . But another product which is on sales channel as well as POS and it is not in the response of the same API call.

I'm not sure what I'm missing or is this the bug in the API itself.