Puerto Rico Shipping Country Code Issue

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Hey our 3pl is having trouble mapping the shipping country coming through from shopify.


Looks like Shopify considers this Puerto Rico address as a United States Minor Outlying Island (i.e. UM country code), but I don't think that’s correct according to ISO3166-2 (US-PR). Is there any way you can check with them on that to possible prevent future problems?


"sourceData": "{\"ordernumber\":481944,\"email\":\"22sw4mt23ytsy2g@marketplace.amazon.com\",\"phone\":null,\"name\":\"481944\",\"shippingaddress\":{\"firstname\":\"dorian\",\"lastname\":\"lopez\",\"name\":\"dorian lopez\",\"address1\":\"35 juan c borbon\",\"address2\":\"ste 67-465\",\"phone\":\"7875250731\",\"city\":\"guaynabo\",\"zip\":\"00969\",\"province\":\"PUERTO RICO\",\"provincecode\":null,\"country\":\"United States Minor Outlying Islands\",\"countrycode\":\"UM\",\"company\":\"\"},\"lineitems\":[{\"id\":5230192492616,\"sku\":\"RND2579\",\"price\":\"40.00\",\"quantity\":1,\"name\":\"Lord Nermal Slides (White Marble) - Mens 9 | Womens 10.5\"}],\"shippinglines\":[{\"title\":\"Amazon Shipment: Service Level Standard\",\"source\":\"amazon\",\"code\":\"AMZSTD\"}],\"id\":2420267352136,\"note\":null,\"tags\":\"ADPJ67GTRIU21, Amazon, Amazon-US\",\"fulfillments\":[]}"


Hi Matt,

Hands down the best option for shipping to Puerto Rico will be USPS as it treats PR the same  as the continental US. I operate a large 3PL warehouse and this is what I recommend.

I can almost guarantee your  3pl is using a shipping rate shopping software, they are having trouble because some carriers treat PR as a international shipment. There software is probably giving them an error code because it PR doesn’t meet all the requirements for a domestic shipment. 

They will need to manually select the carrier and the type of service I.E USPS Priority Mail. 

Another option is you can purchase the postage yourself through Shopify and attach the shipping label to your order. They can just apply the label to your package. 

In your Shopify shipping preferences you can also select default carriers for specific territories.

I hope this info helps, If you need more help I am more than happy to assist you with whatever you need.






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