Push Shopify Sales Order to a location we can read from

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We are looking to integrate our ERP system using Shopify APIs through iPaaS. The iPaaS can communicate through REST or FTP etc. I know that we can easily pull the order using Shopify Store services. But in our case, we are not looking to pull the information as Shopify needs to push the information, so we can read, process, and send it to the ERP system. Is there a service that allows some sort of scheduling or trigger from Shopify? If not, is there a feature inside Shopify that allows us to do the data dump? If not, is there an add-on that we might be able to use for this? If even this is not possible, do we need to do this using Shopify SDK and develop a plugin - is there any training material or video that can guide us on how to develop this?

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Hi @samguptausa 

We can help you with the middleware to push information from Shopify to your ERP system. Please email us at anto@opstack.co or support@opstack.co




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Hi @samguptausa ,

Check out https://shypyard.io. We offer a comprehensive iPaaS platform specifically designed for Shopify that allows you to trigger data workflows based on any Shopify event (webhook), or scheduled to run on a preset time interval (as little as 1 minute). 

Other Shopify merchants have used our platform for highly custom ERP integrations involving hundreds of offline stores. We're happy to provide you with reference customers.

You can sign up and try it for free, forever, here: https://dashboard.shypyard.io/auth/signUp