Querying Updated Translations

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Hey all,

I'm currently adding multi-lingual support to our application using the new GraphQL locale/translation API.

Now, I was hoping there'd be some decent way of interacting with this API, and pulling this information, but the translated resources don't seem to have webhooks, timestamps, and on update, don't seem to update their parent object's timestamps.

So as I understand it, if I wanted to get all translated details about a product catalog, and keep that up to date, I'd literally have to grab translations for every single product, variant, product metafields and variant metafield across the store, and then just periodically poll every single object to make sure its translations haven't changed.

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not. Anyone have any ideas?

Alternatively, Shopify: Would it be possible upon translation update to bump the updated timestamp for the corresponding parent resource, like you already do for things like metafields?