REST API for Click&Collect lockers

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I am new on Shopify and not an IT expert.

We need to connect our E-commerce to a collection station and his Management System. 


The API of the LMS Application Programming Interface is designed for the integration between the LMS and third party SW modules.
It's a REST API.
Requests are performed and responses are received via HTTP protocol with GET, PUT and DEL methods.
The caller issues an HTTP request, which contains the following elements:
• an HTTP header that provides authentication and other instructions
• a verb, which can be one of GET, PUT, or DELETE.
• an endpoint, which is a Uniform Resource Indicator (URI) that identifies the server, the web service, and the resource being acted on.
• the call payload, which is set of input parameters and attributes that you supply with the request.
LMS returns a response payload as well as an HTTP status code.
The API contains functions to
• retrieve the lockers types
• retrieve the list of collect stations
• create, update, retrieve and delete the vendors
• create, update, retrieve and delete the end users
• create, update, retrieve and delete the booking orders
• create, update, retrieve and delete the booking pre-orders


Let me know if someone can help.


Alessio Rosato