REST API post order limit

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I'm using the REST api to create some orders for my shopify test store.

What my code does is repeat this x times:

- create a customer

- create an order for the customer.


But after 10 requests in total, the post order request gets error code 429 saying to wait for a minute.

This is happening only for orders, not for customers, I can post customers normally.


This is what I have found in the documentation:

It says the bucket limit is 40, and 2 req/sec. I make sure that there are no  more than 2req/sec.


Did anyone have the same problem? Is there a better solution than waiting for 1 minute after every 10 requests?

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Why do you need a faster rate for a development shop?

In case you've not see it, take a look at the notes in the Orders API doc:

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Hey Jason,

thanks very much for the reply, didn't see that!

I wanted to create ~300 orders per day and so for a month. We are testing our apps on dev stores so it's more realistic with more data.

I can manage with this restriction, but I was just wondering if there is a way for my code to take less than an hour to generate all the orders.