Re installation of an specific API

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One of my suppliers have changed their systems and have incorporated an API into the check out process which I would need to include in the Shopify check out.   Would it be possible to please let me know if the below is possible and if so what the process would be to achieve this.     


DAC (Delivery At Checkout) system is designed to supply authorized
digital resellers a link to digital products on demand. You, the authorized reseller can
send a request and receive back the link and serial number within a fraction of a second.
The intention is to have your e-commerce system request the information from the suppliers

server at the point of confirming the customers payment, and before you send
the customer a receipt. The information you receive from the server can be
parsed out, formatted and given to the customer on your “Thank You” page, email receipt
and/or via an “in-app purchase.”
These are the three options for DAC communications: 1) HTTPS POST 2) HTTPS GET 3) SOAP


Feedback would be very much appreciated.