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Hello. I've searched for an answer in the forums but all relevant posts seem to be outdated. I'm hoping someone can give me a quick yes/no here.

I'm trying use the Shopify API to read store data from an external site (specifically I want get the product info of products with a certain tag). Is this possible, or can the Shopify API only be used within the admin area? I've created a private app but can't get a page successfully make any API calls.

Thanks for your time!


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey KevinDoom,

You can definitely make API calls to Shopify from an external website or application. Since this is a private application it should be pretty straightforward, as you'll only have to perform basic HTTP authorization. Check out the documentation for Creating A Private App. In the screenshots of the application settings, you can see "URL Format" and "Example URL". This should give you a good idea of what URLs you'll need to access to perform your API calls.

For example, if you want to get a list of orders on your shop, you can perform the following HTTP call:


If you're still having trouble, please give us an example of a request you are trying to make and the response you're receiving. Make sure you don't post your API key or secret key on the forums though.



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Can the same be done with a public app? I am trying to post new products using rest API post requests to my Shopify store.