Ready for delivery status using fullfillment service & local delivery API

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Currently my Shopify client has two methods of delivering a product:

- Local delivery

- Fullfillment Service


When using the local delivery service, the orders can have a intermediate state called "Ready for delivery". This is very useful because our manager knows what orders were already processed, but are waiting to be picked up and delivery.

The problem is that when using the fullfillment service, it's not possible to have this state. You can only have "Not delivered" or "Delivered". This doesn't make any sense, since we can process the orders, but then we need to wait for the carrier to pick up. Right now there is no way to distinguish which orders were processed and which orders need to be processed when using the fullfillment service.

Is there any way for us to activate this intermediate state in the Fullfillment service?


Also related to this, we're developing a mobile application to integrate with our shopify store. We would like for the users to be able to order products using the local delivery API, but right now there is no documentation on how we could get the local delivery shipping line when processing the checkout. We're able to get the shipping line related to the fullfillment service, but there is no option to go forward on the checkout if the user wants to use the local delivery one.


Could you guys enlight us on how we could move forward with the implementation of this?


I'll be waiting for a answer.


Kind regards,

André Bastos