Recurring Charge Expired

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Hello everyone, I recently used Recurring Charge Application API to charge customers of my app for certain plan, I will add workflow here so if you think there is something wrong with the workflow do let me know


I make request to Shopify endpoint with body as defined in documentation and I am not using test flag because it is in production state now
In response I get confirmation_url, to which I redirect the customer so that they can see the checkout page and all the payment details
Customer accepts the charge and is redirected back to my application's dashboard and the charge is marked as active in my database


The problem is that in order to test the payment I actually did a payment with my personal card in order to check it real time without using "test" flag but after three days I see on shopify partner dashboard that, that charge has expired approximately after 3 days and this part confuses that did that happen

My Understanding

I am aware that if customer accepts the charge only then it is marked as active, if a customer goes to checkout screen back and forth and then accepts the charge it is also considered as expired but as I mentioned above in problem part that I placed the charge myself being aware of all these issues so I made sure to have an active charge and I did get it as an active charge

It would be really helpful if you could tell me that what am I missing here or is there something wrong on shopify's api enpoint or I have to change the workflow
Looking forward to hear from you guys soon