Refund data does not provide tax breakup

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We are working with shopify python API. We need help with refunds in below scenario.

Order #0001

Order Items
1) T-Shirt
   Qty 5
   Tax (No Taxes applied)
   Amount $100
   Total Tax $0
   Total Amount $100.0

2) Bike
   Qty 1
   Tax (Los Angeles County Tax 2.25%, CA State Tax 7.25%)
   Amount $1500
   Total Tax 142.5
   Total Amount 1642.5

From above orders having total Two Taxes

1) CA State Tax 7.25%
2) Los Angeles County Tax 2.25%

Total Amount $1600
Total Tax    $142.5

We have one refund for above order of amount $200 and if we check refund data in REST API we do not get separate data for tax amount and product amount we refunded.

Now if we have a second refund against a return we see order line data against which refund is generated but in transaction there will be only refund amount without any tax breakup.
Let me know if you need more information. I have similar example attached as screenshot.
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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @poojaz ,


I can verify that this is the expected behaviour. From our API documentation (, the "transaction" property of an order's refunds contains the "amount" field as the amount of money paid back from the merchant to the customer. This value can be anywhere from 0.01 to the total cost of the order. This money that is refunded also does go through any taxes before it is given to the customer.


I fail to see why or how the "amount" field of the refunds.transaction property would ever provide a tax breakdown. Could you provide a use case where you would need to have a tax breakdown within the refund? And how would this work in the scenario where a merchant gives a partial refund (e.g. let's say an edge case where there is a 0.01 refund), how would Shopify decide how much of that refund is broken down into tax and how much for the original price?


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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My scenario is when we have partial refund with return(restock) option. If we return an item and pay refund for that item we need to revert taxes as well as we are not going to pay taxes to the government which are not sold.